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    This is the big one

    Stain Busters have designed a business model that is all about growth. It requires discipline and application and the payoff is that you can eventually build a business that will work without you being there most of the time.

    Now isn’t that a grand idea?

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    You create a loyal client base

    Stain Busters have a program that builds loyalty and many of your clients become your unpaid sales team. A high percentage of your business can emanate form this when well carried out.

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    You have a high profile branded van

    Stain Busters high profile vans are a travelling billboard that attract business on an ongoing basis.

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    You have first class equipment

    Stain Busters provide a full kit of everything you need to carry out the 9 services. No shoddy cheap gear here.

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    You have a strong ongoing support program

    Stain Busters have a dedicated team to handle any problem you may encounter as you go about building your business. You are in business for yourself and not by yourself.

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    You have a sales and marketing plan that keeps the work rolling in

    Stain Busters have a Sales and Marketing Plan that has 28 methods to bring in the business. To the degree that you apply yourself to these will be the degree the jobs roll in.

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    You have an ongoing training program

    Stain Busters have a dedicated training program that provides the knowledge to provide a World Class Service. It’s ongoing as you become recognised as a sort after professional expert.

  • 3

    You have a range of awesome range of services

    Stain Busters have 9 dynamic services that you can provide to your client base and keep growing your business.

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    You have a well proven business system that always succeeds

    Stain Busters has evolved its business model over 30 years. Stick to the virtual paint by numbers system and those that do so enjoy immense success.

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    You have a magnificent point of difference

    Stain Busters can remove stains other carpet cleaners can’t. You build a reputation as being the “GO TO” company to solve problems.